Sun's Stationery Dayalan

Karuppiah Dayalan

Founder of Sun's Stationery (PVT) LTD

About Sun's Stationery Private Limited Company

Established in 1995, Sun’s Stationery, led by owner Karuppiah Dayalan, stands as a premier manufacturer of office files and stationery. Our main factory and office, located in Colombo 10, form the core of our operations, complemented by an additional office branch in Petta, Colombo 11.

Distinguished by our commitment to quality and customization, Sun’s Stationery specializes in providing a comprehensive range of office files in tailored sizes, designs, and colors. Our reputation as one of the leading office file manufacturers in Sri Lanka is a testament to our past success and ongoing dedication to excellence.

Beyond domestic borders, Sun’s Stationery engages in importing and exporting, fostering global connections and contributing to the international stationery market. With a history of strength and popularity, we continue to evolve, offering professional, customizable solutions to elevate workspaces worldwide.

As we reflect on our past achievements, we are fueled by a vision for the future. Sun's Stationery is not just a manufacturer; it's a symbol of innovation, reliability, and a commitment to making workspaces more efficient and vibrant.
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